What is a Gloryhole?

The term “gloryhole” is often used. Gloryholes are openings in thin walls or other types of partitions that are designed for men to place their penises into so that they can receive sexual stimulation from an unknown individual on the other side of the hole.

They can be discovered in the stall walls of public restrooms, in the secret areas of adult bookshops, as well as in the dimly lit chambers and maze-like corridors of bathhouses. The open area at a bathhouse that contains multiple gloryholes is referred to as a “sucktorium”  and typically includes an elevated elevation on one end of a hole so that patrons can stand around them.

Gloryhole sex most frequently takes the form of oral and hand jobs; but gloryhole sex frequently takes the form of anal sex as well. When there are three stalls or rooms in a row, some bathroom stalls and booths in adult bookstores have two gloryholes on opposite sides of the central location. This configuration allows the individual located in the middle to swap trying to suck the two men, or to suck one while trying to position themselves to be fucked by the other.

Gloryholes are often a secret?

Many gloryholes in public places are hidden by covering them with objects like toilet paper holders or plates that only loosely fit. Some of the toilet paper holders that are installed in the wall can be opened to reveal a small hole located between the two sides.

Some public gloryholes are much more noticeable, and people who don’t approve of them frequently seal them up or limit access to them. It is essential to check a gloryhole directory website like holehunter.com in advance to see where the closest gloryholes are and what kinds of activities they provide. Gloryholes can be hidden, their locations can change often, and they can be discovered in more remote places.

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